30th Annual Circom Regional Conference Embraces Digital

I attended the 30th annual Circom Regional conference, hosted by SVT in Malmo, Sweden, last week and was amazed by how openly it embraced all things social, web and tech. From Mans Adler’s (Bambuser) session on live video broadcasting to Glen Mulcahy’s mobile journalism tour de force and SVT’s group of innovative News Lab journalists, the event was firmly rooted in media 2012.

Granted, I’m biased (I was invited to present and participate in a panel discussion) but there was something for most digital-minded people in the television industry – a massive shift from last year’s mainly broadcast-focused conference.

Nick Simons (NRK, Ex New Media Head BBC Scotland) and I co-presented a session work-shopping (both inside and outside the room) the question ‘how can social media improve storytelling?’ We had excellent participation and here’s a taste of the contributions from inside the room in Malmo (and from outside including: Romania, Ireland, UK …):

If you missed the session you can look at the slides here:

Or you can watch the full stream back here via Bambuser.

If you have any thoughts on the topic, please leave a comment below!


How can social media improve storytelling

Tomorrow (Thursday, 17 May) I’m co-presenting a session at the Circom Regional Conference being hosted by SVT in Malmo.

As the title of this post suggests, we’re asking: how can social media improve storytelling?

Nick Simons (NRK, ex Head of New Media BBC Scotland) and I will be asking a roomful of broadcasters from across Europe to look at that question.

However, we are keen to bring the discussion beyond the room. What are your views on the subject? Please feel free to share in the comments below or join in the conversation, live, tomorrow (2pm CET, 1pm Irish Time).

You can follow the discussion via #circom on Twitter or through this group on Facebook

The launch of @Ireland – another country on Twitter

Last week was hectic for us all at WorldIrish not only because of St Patrick’s Day but also because we launched @Ireland, a Twitter-based initiative, aimed at giving Ireland a new voice on a global platform.

Today marks the beginning of the second week of @Ireland and its second curator, Catherine Drea.  I have enjoyed this challenging project immensely so far. As clearly stated from the outset it is heavily influenced by @Sweden and the strides they have made with the “world’s most democratic” Twitter account these past few months.

Ultimately this is another way to tell a story in the digital age. The beauty of it is we get to hear 52 people’s stories every year, which hopefully inform, entertain or enrich our lives in some way.

I must heartily commend Bernie Goldbach for coming to us with the idea and trusting us to be the right home for such an ambitious project.

I am very much looking forward to seeing how @Ireland develops and finds its way in the Twittersphere.

For more on the project read my post on the WorldIrish blog, follow the account or read some of the curators’ thoughts: Bernie’s and Catherine’s.

One more link, I was on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland programme talking about the project on Friday. Here’s the clip.

Finally, perhaps you’d like to curate @Ireland for a week (or nominate someone). If you live in or are from Ireland, have the time and something interesting to say email Ireland AT worldirish.com.

Talk soon,