Newstalk makes a pre-Budget statement

The editorial team at Newstalk has made a statement about Budget 2010, which was broadcast today:

Ireland is at an unprecedented economic and social crossroad. The country appears divided. The road ahead seems unbearably bleak. But here at Newstalk we believe that Ireland has a proud tradition of overcoming, of achieving, of finding a way. We believe this is a country worth fighting for.

Charm, culture, energy and engagement have always been part of who we are, but so too have ambition, determination and achievement. We need to lean on these talents to re-position our country. Old solutions will not solve new problems. We need to be imaginative, decisive.

Every one of us must be prepared to accept the challenges that constrained economic circumstances impose…..

Read or listen to the full Newstalk statement here.


Internet didn’t kill the radio star!

Apologies for the dodgy headline, but I couldn’t resist!

Interesting article over on today about new figures released on Internet radio listenership.

It reveals the following:

“More than 8 million people in the UK listen to web-based radio services every week and nearly 2 million download podcasts on a weekly basis, according to a survey that suggests internet radio has hit the mainstream.”

The results of the survey also showed that some 75% of listeners did not listen to less live radio (good news) and some 50% turned on a new show (even better news).

This survey surely comes as positive news for broadcasters especially those with good websites offering podcast and listen-back services.

I think it further demonstrates how mutually beneficial it can be to all work together.

Now all we need is more broadband Internet access across the country…