Photo: Gorse and Killiney Bay on a bitterly cold May evening

Killiney Bay

Ireland … a land of rainbows (at least today!)

I’ve seen so many rainbows today. Grabbed two quick photos on my phone this evening:

One more phone pic (I wish I had my SLR for this one, it was such a pretty sky and this just doesn’t capture it):

Hope you had a nice evening


A Friday the 13th Sunrise

The alarm went off way earlier than I needed it to this morning, so I decided to get up and take a look at the sunrise from the Vico Road in Dalkey. It was a beautiful sunrise, which went behind the clouds very fast after it moved up off the horizon. Some of the cloud formations in Ireland right now are fantastic.

Have a nice weekend,


Dolphins in Killiney Bay on the Shortest Day of the Year

It was a stunning morning down at White Rock. I went down to get my annual photo of the sunrise, but instead was very taken with, what Twitter tells me, are a pod of three dolphins who are resident in the area. I’ve never been fortunate enough to see them there before, but apparently they are often seen on a calm day. They were in very playful form. A beautiful sight to watch.

Here are some of my photos:

Dolphins playing in Killiney Bay

Lastly here are a couple of photos of the sunrise that I set out to watch:

Hope you’re having a lovely Christmas week.