Irish Times website going free

Changing Times

From Monday The Irish Times’ website will be free to access, according to an article on page three of today’s newspaper written by the Editor Geraldine Kennedy.

The site is moving to and will become a separate, commercial site.

The new site will offer ‘richer content in the form of pictures, graphics, audio and video’. The article also talks about developing many multimedia features.

People who are paid-up subscribers to the site will get a full refund, or as Ms Kennedy notes could instead become members of the new Irish Times Crossword Club. In fact they can try out the new club before making a decision. Although with this economic downturn upon us I can imagine what most will do…cash is king after all!

You can read the story online here, I’d have put it up earlier but couldn’t find it free-to-view at first.

Going to digest this story a little this morning and write more on what they plan for their new website later on.

Irish Times to Integrate Print and Web

Didn’t catch the Sunday Tribune’s article on the topic over the weekend, but Adam Maguire offers a good explanation here.

This is very interesting news for Irish journalism in general. It makes a lot of sense and is very progressive decision for the newspaper to make.