iPhone Gallery: Protest Against Austerity Measures in Dublin

Some photos I snapped on my iPhone today during the protest in Dublin city centre. I wanted to try use the iPhone as my primary device. Pros: Being able to tweet pics and email them on.  Cons: As I  had anticipated battery life was the biggest issue and it didn’t last the day, meaning that I ended up using my SLR toward the end. I also found it hard to shoot a lot of detail of the protest without getting up close to people. Finally, the 3G connection was acting up and the network was very slow, which is to be expected in a large gathering.
Device: iPhone 3
Network: O2

Read All About It: Some interesting links

Credit: William Hook via Flickr

iPhone - a useful device for journalists (Photo credit: William Hook via Flickr)

I picked up some good tips from Poynter’s live chat on using an iPhone as your sole reporting device. MSNBC.com senior multimedia producer Jim Seida, who has used the iPhone as his only reporting device, answered questions and gave excellent advice. You can read back through the questions and answers here.

With an election on the cards soon in Ireland, this article from the Columbia Journalism Review of US Midterm election coverage is well worth reading for tips. It looks at the coverage by smaller circulation papers’ (however these are still substantial publications like the San Jose Mercury News and The Dallas Morning News).

Finally, Adam Westbrook is very generously giving two chapters of his book ‘Next Generation Journalist: 10 New Ways to Make Money as a Journalist’ away for free via his website. It has some good tips on creating an online portfolio and setting up a personal website.

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