Waves crashing, sun rising – Photos from my iPhone

Sunrise over the Irish Sea

Sunrise over the Irish Sea


Waves crashing, sun rising

Waves crashing, sun rising

Waves crashing, sun rising

Sea crashes to shore at White Rock Beach

Sunrise over the Irish Sea

Sun emerges through the clouds

Beautiful morning down at White Rock beach earlier.

Happy Thanksgiving, looking forward to dinner with family later!


iPhone Gallery: Protest Against Austerity Measures in Dublin

Some photos I snapped on my iPhone today during the protest in Dublin city centre. I wanted to try use the iPhone as my primary device. Pros: Being able to tweet pics and email them on.  Cons: As I  had anticipated battery life was the biggest issue and it didn’t last the day, meaning that I ended up using my SLR toward the end. I also found it hard to shoot a lot of detail of the protest without getting up close to people. Finally, the 3G connection was acting up and the network was very slow, which is to be expected in a large gathering.
Device: iPhone 3
Network: O2

Sunrises and Sunsets – an iPhone gallery

I’ve been taking a lot of photos using my phone over the past few weeks. It’s the camera I tend to have on me at all times and has come in handy for snapping some photos of beautiful Irish skies.

On another note, here’s an interesting list of basic web skills journalists should have from 10,000 Words. I’m ten for ten! If there are areas you need to improve they have some good links where you can find resources.

If you haven’t noticed, RTE.ie/news has been re-designed! RTE.ie’s News, Business & Sports Editor Tom Grealis explains the redesign here.

Also if you haven’t checked it out already, pay a visit to thejournal.ie – it’s an interesting new Irish venture!