BBC to spend big on local video news

The BBC has announced plans today to spend £68m on its network of local video news websites. The corporation already has a network of local news sites, but the new proposal would allow for an expansion to 65 websites and a broader range of content. The news sites would provide up to ten video stories each day.

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However there may be a hiccup or two along the way. According to Britain’s telecoms regulator Ofcom will be looking over the plan after complaints from local newspapers that licence-fee payers’ money would be used to duplicate a service already provided by local newspapers.

Touring the BBC’s re-organised newsroom

Jeff Jarvis gives some insight into the BBC newsroom reshuffle today in the Guardian and over at his blog BuzzMachine.

Jarvis gets an overview of the changes from head of the BBC’s newsroom Peter Horrocks.

This is particularly interesting and I completely agree:

Then there is Horrocks’ new-media on-demand production unit, which will create, not just repackage, content for the internet. We agreed that creating new forms of news narrative – making appropriate use of all media within a story, rather than creating separate media versions of each story – is one of the most innovative frontiers for journalists today.

What I have been up to today.