Something I’m working on currently … Agility

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 16.59.51I’ve recently joined together with a group of people to work on a new project called Agility.

What is Agility?

We’re a bunch of people working together to help turn projects and ideas into great projects and great ideas. We’re a diverse group of writers, project managers and planners to web designers, product designers and coders. We’ve worked with everyone: bootstrapped start-ups, well-funded established companies and loads of social ventures …. 

I’ve written a blog over on the Agility website about why I got involved, you can read it here

Sunset, Dublin Port, South Wall … and Music 3.0

Dublin’s Great South Wall is not somewhere I usually walk, but it was such a beautiful evening last night that, on my way home from speaking at Music 3.0, I took a small detour to watch the sun setting with a busy Dublin Port in the foreground.

Really interesting evening at Music 3.0 (from what I saw of it). The concept is smart. Exchanging ideas and thoughts between industries is a constructive thing to do – kudos to Jim Carroll and First Music Contact’s Angela Dorgan!

Here are a few photos from my walk:

Taken closer to Poolbeg – a heron out looking for dinner …

Hoping this beautiful weather we’re having in Dublin is here for a few more days!