Super pancake Tuesday

Pancakes might be a little off topic for this blog, but with the day that’s in it I’m posting a couple videos.

This is something I helped the folks over at Our Grannies’ Recipes with over the weekend. Not a bad gig considering I got to eat the final product!

Happy Super Pancake Tuesday and don’t forget to keep up-to-date with the US election here.

The Batter

The Cooking

Internet didn’t kill the radio star!

Apologies for the dodgy headline, but I couldn’t resist!

Interesting article over on today about new figures released on Internet radio listenership.

It reveals the following:

“More than 8 million people in the UK listen to web-based radio services every week and nearly 2 million download podcasts on a weekly basis, according to a survey that suggests internet radio has hit the mainstream.”

The results of the survey also showed that some 75% of listeners did not listen to less live radio (good news) and some 50% turned on a new show (even better news).

This survey surely comes as positive news for broadcasters especially those with good websites offering podcast and listen-back services.

I think it further demonstrates how mutually beneficial it can be to all work together.

Now all we need is more broadband Internet access across the country…

What I’ve been up to this week…

With Democratic and Republican candidates battling it out stateside, we launched a US election micro site this week. Check it out here

Looking forward to the madness of Super Tuesday and the next few states before we reach that point.

Check out my old newspaper in Spartanburg, South Carolina for some good local coverage of the primary this weekend. I really like their redesigned website!

Here are a couple of the other things I’ve worked on over the last week or so:

Donegal newspaper endorses McCain


Dublin Stakes out Monopoly board claim

McClatchy reverses outsourcing decision

Interesting article in Editor & Publisher today on McClatchy Co’s decision not to outsource parts of the Miami Herald’s production to India.

It quotes a memo from the newspapers Executive Editor, Anders Gyllenhaal, who says that after some investigation it was clear that editing and layout were skills involving news judgement and experience and were not ‘likely to work well from afar’.

There is some good analysis of the decision and thoughts on when outsourcing works by Steve Yelvington here.

It is a particularly interesting move for the Irish newspaper industry to watch in light of Independent Newspaper’s decision to outsource subbing and other production work.Although these jobs were not moving to India (for the moment at least) but sub-contracted to Dublin company RE&D.

However be they 10 or 10,000 miles from the newsroom you can’t make the same kind of snap decisions if your sub-ed isn’t in the same room or building as you.

I wonder what the managers at the Irish Independent will make of McClatchy’s move.

Video newsblogging at the Young Scientist Exhibition

‘Could the owner of a white mouse please come and collect it at the information desk’

This public announcement was a reminder that I was quite a way from the office…

I’ve spent most of the week working with RTÉ.ie at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in Dublin.

We came up with the idea of creating newsblogs with students interviewing exhibitors about their projects. The whole idea was to demonstrate how quickly you can prepare and shoot a piece of pretty good-quality video and upload it to the web.

The students were coached on how to write a script and conduct interview on camera.
We then filmed the interview, which was generally between 1.30 and 3 mins long and returned to a work station to edit and put the short package up on RTÉ’s BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition website.

I think it was a very worthwhile experience and the feedback from the interviewers (both primary and secondary students) was very positive.

Check out the finished results here.