Leaving WorldIrish

This week I made the decision to leave WorldIrish. I believe it is the right time for me to move on. I’m very glad that I joined WorldIrish and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Since we re-launched the site in September the WorldIrish community has grown to 70,000 registered members as well as large numbers of non-registered visitors. The community, which is spread across the globe, has been extremely active creating thousands of pieces of content including stories, personal accounts, photos, videos and events.

In particular I’m proud of building a young, talented and versatile Content and Community Team based in Dublin, the United States and the United Kingdom. Working with each of them has been a pleasure. It has been fascinating building an audience and engaging the global Irish community.

The @Ireland project, which WorldIrish got off the ground over a year ago, is something I’m particularly pleased to see flourishing. It offers great potential to continue representing Ireland to the wider world through a variety of voices.

The vision John McColgan has for a connected global Irish community is a powerful one and something I still believe in. It is particularly important at a time when a new generation of Irish people are joining the many previous generations who have gone before. Bringing those groups together, fostering links, highlighting challenges and celebrating their successes is important for Ireland and other countries that have experienced high levels of emigration.

I wish WorldIrish all the best.

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