WorldIrish publishes its first ebook



Around a week ago, WorldIrish published its first ebook101 Irish Phrases You Need to Learn to Kindle and Kobo

What’s interesting is that the book evolved very naturally out of an article that we posted on WorldIrish with a much shorter list of Irish phrases. After the story went viral, I suggested we publish a short ebook and it’s worked out very well.  WorldIrish Community Journalist Mark Farrelly wrote the text in the space of two days, while Community Journalist Dave Molloy designed a cover for a fast turnaround. The book was set the next day and we were live on Kindle within two or so days after that (with the help of Green Lamp Media). 

I’ve written before about the importance of media companies working quickly and being flexible and this is a perfect example of just that. It’s an exciting time to work within a nimble start-up like WorldIrish where things like this can be conceived, produced and published in the space of just a few days. 

If WorldIrish can publish an ebook with our start-up-sized resources it won’t be too long before this kind of activity is an everyday occurrence for the larger media companies and everyone else too.



*DOI: I’m COO of

2 thoughts on “WorldIrish publishes its first ebook

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