3 thoughts on “In Photos: Sunrise, this morning, Sandycove, Dublin

  1. July 31, 2010My favourite asepct of CrossFit is the community it has built. A herd of like-minded people are sweeping through Penetang and Midland who are stronger, more confident, outgoing, hard-working individuals. It is awesome to walk down the street and see a fellow CrossFitter and know right away that you have this common bond, you’re in the club, and you KNOW how hard they work. It makes anything else comparably easy. Haven’t tried wakeboarding before? Can’t be harder than CrossFit. Helping your buddy move all his furniture? Can’t be harder than CrossFit. You’ll find yourself open to anything, whatever the world has to throw at you. You are ready, because YOU have trained yourself to be ready. I’d like to take a sigh of relief for finally finding a fitness program’ that doesn’t feel like work. Of course it is hard, but it is an investment in my health, and FUN. I feel better, sleep better, eat better, and ultimately live better because of it. Years in globo gyms and monotonous routine’s that really just kept me mentally happy that I got that 20 min of half-assed running in, do not compare. This is a sport. It is fun, it works, it’s motivating, and frankly, it’s addicting. Mentally I could do it every day, physically my body tells me to take a break (especially after that 700m of lunges right??)I love our CrossFit family, it is because of you that RAW can continue accepting more family members. Thanks everyone. You’re all awesome. Now do 10 burpees

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