Read All About It – some random links

Paid Content reports that Guardian News & Media sold 9,000 units of its iPhone app in its first two days. GNM is charging £2.39 in the UK.

Next up, in yet another bad day for newspapers, layoffs began yesterday at the New York Times, according to New York magazine, just over 70 people took buyouts but with a target number of 100 in editorial the remaining people were notified. On the flip side NYT was named best online newspaper by Mashable readers – they may not have much to read in a few years if staffers keep getting cut.

Finally, an interesting column by Rafe Needlemen over a Cnet. He has a subscription to WSJ online, which costs him $100 a year, but he is complaining that if he wants the iPhone app he will have to pay again albeit at a discounted rate. Would he expect to also get a copy of the paper edition for free too? Just because it’s another digital platform why should it be tossed in gratis?

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