Guardian launches Open Platform

The Guardian has launched a new commercial venture, which will enable ‘partners’ to reuse content for free while carrying its advertising.

Guardian News & Media Director of Digital Content Emily Bell says the move will help to weave its content into the ‘fabric of the web’.

The Guardian’s Kevin Anderson writes:

A content application programming interface (API) will smooth the way for web developers to build applications and services using Guardian content, while a Data Store will contain datasets curated by Guardian editors and open for others to use.

More from the Guardian about Open Platform here.

What others are saying:

Wired says this is not a new move citing that it comes ‘on the heals of a similar move by the New York Times and seems to point toward a new kind of approach to online news — give away your content and send the advertising with it.’

Tom Watson calls it ‘revolutionary’ and ‘leap into the future’.

My initial thoughts:

It will further consolidate content.

Open Platform like the NYT’s Developer Network could push the wires into doing something similar.

The data store element of this initiative is very interesting and is worth keeping an eye on.

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