Websites worth visiting

I have just returned from an European Commission trip to Brussels so this post is very Euro-focused. But with the elections in June and Lisbon II before October we’ll need all the resources available to us.

The European Journalism Centre’s newsroom aggregates news about the industry here. It’s clearly laid out and takes in most of the big hitters.

For journalists covering Europe and the elections later in the year eu4journalists has some good policy info. Not a great name for a website though and bear in mind that it is a website created for the European Commission. However it might be easier than dealing with But if you must deal with the good folks at the European Journalism Centre have a search engine to tackle that behemoth.

Away from Europe Al’s Morning Meeting over at Poynter takes a look at audio slideshows and asks’s (website of the Boston Globe) web editor David Beard perhaps the most pertinent question about this medium. (Thanks to Peter Sachs‘ gmail status for the heads up)

Why would somebody watch a slideshow when the world has “gone video?”

Beard: They watch both. … I think you have to take people to a different place with both. I love the way Brian Storm’s crew mixes and matches video and audio slideshows, too, so that the art of the still photograph is not sacrificed. If your question is why the seemingly Web 1.0 still slideshow, or gallery, still draws so many fans, it may be that it’s seen as less of an investment.

If I as a reader want to check out thumbnails and get to the photo I want, I can do that. If I want to stop, or to linger, I can go as fast or as slow as I want. If I just want to see the photos of the US Airways crash on the Hudson River to get my understanding in 30 seconds, or catch the best editorial cartoons of the week, I can do that, too.

I like audio slideshows, but recently I have noticed some which seemed to be done just for the sake of it. When done well like the Washington Post’s Exploring Antarctica it’s storytelling at its best.

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