Tribune Co unveils redesigned Orlando Sentinel

This is the first newspaper that the Tribune Co, with Sam Zell at the helm, has overhauled. Read the WSJ’s review of it here

I have only had a look at the front page of today’s paper on the website (because that’s all it provides), can’t say I am blown away by it though.

Initial thoughts:

-The masthead is way too small
-It seems too graphic-heavy (certainly for a front page)
-Too busy, and over complicated (hoping it settles down)
-Immediately looks like it’s all style and no substance

I can’t really say much else because I haven’t seen the whole edition.

One small thing though, I can’t quite understand why the paper’s designer has chosen to make the lead story on mortgage misery jump mid sentence after a mere 3.5 paragraphs! Readers hate jumps and rarely go on to read the rest of the story, so maybe they should focus on getting more of the main story on the page and less shiny info graphics, or perhaps provide a story summery, with the full version inside.

Will check out the full edition when I get my hands on it, but it does give us an idea where the Tribune Co’s newspapers are heading.

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