McClatchy reverses outsourcing decision

Interesting article in Editor & Publisher today on McClatchy Co’s decision not to outsource parts of the Miami Herald’s production to India.

It quotes a memo from the newspapers Executive Editor, Anders Gyllenhaal, who says that after some investigation it was clear that editing and layout were skills involving news judgement and experience and were not ‘likely to work well from afar’.

There is some good analysis of the decision and thoughts on when outsourcing works by Steve Yelvington here.

It is a particularly interesting move for the Irish newspaper industry to watch in light of Independent Newspaper’s decision to outsource subbing and other production work.Although these jobs were not moving to India (for the moment at least) but sub-contracted to Dublin company RE&D.

However be they 10 or 10,000 miles from the newsroom you can’t make the same kind of snap decisions if your sub-ed isn’t in the same room or building as you.

I wonder what the managers at the Irish Independent will make of McClatchy’s move.

One thought on “McClatchy reverses outsourcing decision

  1. Hey Blathnaid,

    I have to say, that initially I disagreed with you on this. That said, the more I read on it the more I agree with you. Great post bringing it all together!


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