Long term impact of VNRs

I have just read this blog written by Rob about VNRs and the thing that struck me is how shortsighted TV stations are being.

I’m sure these ad packages are bringing in a lot of money, but what about their long-term affect on viewers?

This type of advertising, which is not flagged, violates the trust a news programme might have with its viewer.

With ads being crafted to look like any other news package the responsibility is on the station to alert the viewer to the distinction.

Not only does it violate the trust the viewer has in the programme, it also on some level insults their intelligence.

Selling and broadcasting this type of advertising has even greater effects in the long run.

If we lose the viewer’s trust they will stop turning
On news programmes and find another sources.

The ratings numbers will go down and the advertising revenue will decline too.

In that scenario no one wins – not even the advertiser.

News organisations need to safeguard the viewer’s trust and not squander it for short term gain.

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