Trying to build a career

I have moved back to Ireland and I am now living in Dublin. A couple of months after I graduated I made the decision to return to this side of the Atlantic. For the time being I would like to work in Ireland or the UK, so the job hunt is in full swing. In the interim I am working as a freelance journalist.

It is such an interesting time to be working in this industry. There is so much change underway. Some publications are changing the type of news they report, others are boosting their online presence, but I am not sure anyone really knows where we are headed.

When I left Dublin in August 2005 there was the usual array of morning newspapers: the three broadsheets (The Irish Times, The Irish Independent and the Irish Examiner) as well as several tabloid publications (The Daily Star, The Irish Mirror, The Irish Sun and the Irish Daily Mail). When I arrived home, just over a year later, commuter newspapers seemed to have taken over. Cars of trains were now littered with these papers when rush hour ended.

Certainly this method of delivering news seemed to pop up very quickly, but is it going to be around for the long haul?

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3 thoughts on “Trying to build a career

  1. Blathnaid, I promise to visit your blog daily. How is everything going? I’m slaving away, shoveling coal into the fiery engineworks of a monstrous bathysphere, 6,000 fathoms deep and falling. There is something dark below. Write!

  2. Good point Hugger I don’t know how long both can be sustained either. Metro may be free, which is an advantage. However I think readers are going to get tired of its bite-sized approach.

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