Practical experience

For the past while I have lived and worked in Washington DC. There I wrote for a great regional paper in South Carolina. I was fortunate that the experience allowed me to report on a variety of topics: from trade agreements to bills, studies to three-mile road races.

This is what I have enjoyed so much about this program. The hands on reporting has opened my mind to many new things.

One of the most valuable things I learned this quarter was how to convey jargonistic and often complex topics to the reader. I don’t have a degree in political science or economics, so I understand that these topics must be made interesting and manageable or people will switch off after the first paragraph.

As one of my lecturers once said — write the story like you are talking to a friend or family member at the end of the work day. When you read back over the article ask yourself if you would talk to them that way. A good piece of advice I have kept in mind when writing and hope never to forget.

I am technically on a break for a few days but I am still working away on several projects.

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